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Dolomites Private Photo Tours

The Dolomites enshrine one of the most awesome mountain sceneries in the world. Here the beauty of nature offers moments of pure contemplation, a source of energy for the body, peace for the mind, inspiration for the soul.

Alessandro Gruzza, a local professional photographer living in the Dolomites with extensive knowledge of the area, organizes and leads private photo tours specially tailored to the needs and expectations of photographers. Every photo tour is individually designed with the aim of bringing you to the best locations and translating your creative vision into beautiful images.

Private photo tours are organised all year round, for one to three photographers, either beginners or experienced, for periods of one day to one week. The service offers the whole organisation, accommodation and transportation included. You just have to bring your camera and passion!

Contact us at info@alegruzza.com to receive a customised photo tour plan in the Dolomites.

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