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Inscape Photo Tours

Inscape Photo Tours offer top quality photography tours and workshops in the most scenic locations of the world. Join our professional photo guides who have years of experience guiding photography workshops around the globe. We want you to experience the uniqueness of the destinations and return with plenty of outstanding pictures and unforgettable memories.

We strongly emphasise on individual approach so you get the right in–field guidance whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer.

Last but not least, our photo tours are not only about taking pictures but we also put emphasis on image post-processing which is extremely important nowadays. We will teach you the workflows we use to make pictures stand well apart from the rest.

Czech Republic Photo Tour

Czech Republic will amaze you with its medieval towns, majestic castles and cobbled streets, as well as with its rich nature and breathtaking landscapes.

Myanmar Photo Tour

Myanmar is a world treasure because its warm-hearted, smiling people make it a truly magical photography destination for capturing candids.

New Zealand Photo Tour

Our photography subjects will range from immense glaciers and cascading waterfalls to snow covered Mountains, rugged coasts, ancient …

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