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Harmen Piekema Photography Tours

If you love a bit of adventure and extremely beautiful landscapes, than come on a tour with me.

My name is Harmen Piekema, I'm 35 and I live in the Netherlands. I'm really passionate about landscape photography and about being outdoors. In my tours I like to share this passion and enthusiasm with you!

You will see that, next to shooting great photos, the emphasis of my tours lies on being outside, enjoying nature, having fun and being in the moment. I love to be outside, it gives me energy and inspiration! If you experience your surrounding, you will get more feel for it, and the image will follow.

So next to visiting iconic well-known places, we'll also venture out into the wild, away from the masses. We'll be doing hikes and explore the backcountry to get to places only reachable by foot.

My goal is to give you an experience of a lifetime!